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Interview with Life Resource Planner Bruce Lybbert

Below is a 30 minute interview with Bruce Lybbert, who has been doing Life Resource Planning for over two years. The interview is divided into 4 segments. Please watch each segment in chronological order starting with #1. Bruce explains how he got started doing Life Resource Planning, how it has worked for him and the success he has realized from doing it. Bruce now bases his entire practice on Life Resource Planning and continues to grow his business using it.

SEGMENT #1 (6 Minutes)

Bruce Lybbert discusses his background and how he came to be working with seniors. He discusses his experience with life resource planning and how it has expanded his practice and increased his income. He also emphasizes the shift in his thinking from that of selling products and services to becoming a paid counselor to his clients and how empowering and financially rewarding this new approach is.

SEGMENT #2 (6 Minutes)

Bruce describes how life resource planning has grown his business and substantially increased his income. He also discusses how he made the transition from selling to charging a fee for his advice and counsel. He is particularly impressed that fee-based planning results in an entirely different relationship between him and the client – one of trust, confidence and creating clients and friends for life.


SEGMENT #3 (8 Minutes)

Due to the counsel and assistance needed with life resource planning, Bruce points out that this new direction in planning inevitably and naturally leads to forming a partnership with an attorney who specializes in elder law and a geriatric care specialist. He also reveals that at first he was reluctant to put in the extra time to do this kind of planning, but quickly realized that the rewards more than compensated him for the time.

SEGMENT #4 (10 Minutes)

Bruce shows how to introduce the fee and the agreement to the potential client and how to persuade them to do the planning and to pay the fee. The terms “care resource planning” and “life resource planning” are intermixed as “care resource planning” was the original system. The continuing evolution and use of the planning system is described. Finally, Bruce provides advice on how to get started as a life resource planner


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