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Kathy Hessberger

As a seasoned loan officer I was asked to investigate Reverse Mortgages to advise the retirees in our church. After that, I fell in love with the opportunities it offered.

Since then, I've helped customers to stop foreclosures, pay for in-home health care, pay property taxes, take a home off the market that hasn't sold. Some borrowers only take out enough money to put on a new roof or add handicapped bathrooms for a livable environment. But the majority of Reverse Mortgages are now done by the wealthiest of the senior population. They are using the equity in their home much like an annuity. Working with their financial planners to use the equity in the property as another asset to ensure they don't outlive their money. By drawing on the home equity line in a down market and balancing the HECM equity line of credit with their retirement account many seniors have weathered financial storms that could have been devastating.

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Proudly serving Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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Kathy Hessberger
Maverick Funding Corp

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If I don't believe the Reverse Mortgage is the beat option for you, I will tell you why

About Us

I offer Reverse Mortgage Seminars in Maryland and Virginia to teach about he options available.

Working with Realtors, Financial Planners, Elder Law Attorneys, Elder Care manages and the families of my borrowers, we work as a team to find the best solutions to present to the homeowner or their family.