Successful Senior Marketing

Successful Senior Marketing

Helping Senior Providers Reach Out to the Aging Community

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Introduction to Successful Senior Marketing

Hello there. My name is Thomas Day and I am the director of the National Care Planning Council. Our intent is to offer our members valuable tools to enhance their marketing and planning efforts. We are extremely pleased to offer this marketing tool called Successful Senior Marketing (SSM). I believe you will find our new system an exciting and unique approach to reach new clients or customers through strategies that your competitors are likely not using.

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Please contact us toll free at (800) 989-8137. We can discuss how to integrate these tools into your existing practice. We are available 9-5 MST. If you prefer, feel free to request information or submit a question in the form below.

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Increase your business with our marketing system

Successful Senior Marketing is designed to provide you with several ways to promote your services, make group presentations, and organize a local care planning council of professionals. This portion of the system includes:

1. A 220 page Instruction Manual. You will learn about strategies such as collaborative marketing, relationship marketing, group networking and internet email campaigns to promote your services in the community and find new clients. The SSM system also includes a startup kit with step-by-step instructions on how to get started with over 11 hours of video training.

2. Detailed instructions for using an Educational Presentation Marketing Package which contain a comprehensive set of 175 mix-and-match slides to create custom educational workshops in your community. Presentations can cover 21 different aging senior issues and can be adapted for encounters from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Workbooks for antendees are available to accompany the presentations.

3. Templates for a number of effective brochures and you access to over 100 ghostwritten articles for advertising and internet campaigns. You also receive list sources for finding various sponsors for your educational presentations and list sources for finding members of your local council support team.

Local Care Planning Council4. Training and web support to organize a local care planning council. Local councils are led by a self-nominated Director. The Director invites professionals in the community to form a council team. A council is made up of 5 or more different types of senior service providers or advisors. The Director uses the Successful Senior Marketing System and the support of the National Care Planning Council to effectively accomplish the goals of their council. For example, a council will offer workshops to community groups and local businesses, information and help for employers of caregivers, and comprehensive, "one-stop shopping" solutions to seniors and families who are dealing with the challenges that face the elderly. Local Councils also combine the marketing efforts of their members in order to reach a larger audience.