Successful Senior Marketing

Successful Senior Marketing

Helping Senior Providers Reach Out to the Aging Community

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The Successful Senior Marketing System's

Educational Presentation Marketing Package

We believe our Educational Presentation Marketing Package (contained in this system) is the most comprehensive set of presentations and ever made. Not only will we train you how to do seminar marketing successfully and educate you on the various subjects included in the seminar presentations, but we will give you a system that can be customized (using 175 mix-and-match slides) to provide presentations on 21 different aging senior issues and adapted for encounters of 30 minutes, 60 minutes 120 minutes or three hours.

Sample Slides and Presentations (Click to Enlarge)

The Educational Presentation Marketing Package also includes materials for your constructing extremely high-quality workbooks on over 30 different presentation subjects. Our unique seminar marketing approach allows you to reach out to just about any audience and present on just about any subject you want. This seminar marketing package can be used to present to care facility residents and visitors, church groups, luncheons, associations, and worksites including your own office.

The Educational Presentation Marketing Package contains the following:

  • 175 PowerPoint Slides on 21 different subjects that can be mixed and matched for 30 or more differently titled presentations
  • Complete instructions and preprinted slide copies for creating high-quality workbooks for attendees
  • 21 slide set education study guides to be selectively inserted into attendee workbooks to go along with each of the 21 different PowerPoint slide set subjects
  • A detailed 310 page presenter's training handbook ffor obtaining greater knowledge in the 21 different subject areas addressed by the Educational marketing package
  • A printed sample workbook to show you the high quality material you will provide attendees to your educational encounters