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The Successful Senior Marketing System Is Your Blueprint for Success

5 Principles for Successfully Organizing and Managing a Local Elder Planning Council

A local elder planning council is a unique and personally rewarding marketing strategy to increase your business income by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here is a summary of the key principles for successfully organizing and managing your council.

1. Networking in the Community
Ignore networking within your council group. It does not work. Instead, have your council team members develop relationships in the community that will result in referrals to the group or sponsorship for educational workshops conducted by members of the group.

2. Reciprocal and Collaborative Marketing
Reciprocal marketing offers the expertise of your group to the clients of professionals who need that expertise to help their clients. You will have to offer something in return to the professionals for working with their clients. For those members of your group who are fee-based, these members can form a collaborative marketing partnership that will make it easier to offer their services in a planning context.

3. Life Resource Planning
Life Resource Planning is an effective fee-based, formal planning system to uncover the need for the services of the members of your council team. Life Resource Planning doubles or triples the amount of sales for product and services over simply trying to push those products or services directly.

4. Community Educational Workshops
Community educational workshops are a cost-effective strategy to create tons of new leads that result in new business. Individuals who attend your presentations are looking for help and they will readily sign up with you to do some planning. With some of these requests, you will have an opportunity to do Life Resource Planning which directly involves certain other members of your council group. The Successful Senior Marketing System that you receive as a council, includes a high-quality presentation module that allows you to put together more than 30 educational presentations on all kinds of aging issues.

5. Council Member Participation Rules
Letting members of the council team know upfront what is expected from them is the most important principle in putting together a successful council. We have learned over and over again from sad experience that the initial enthusiasm from individuals wanting to support a council often results in overlooking rules of participation. In the beginning, everyone is anxious and willing and it seems that there would be no need for any rules.

Unfortunately, after the initial period of excitement wears off, many members of the group will fail to provide any support for the council other than wanting to be a member. They hope that membership alone will create new business leads. Getting leads from no effort generally does not happen. When you have no rules and you have members who want to hang on and who are not willing to put in any effort to promote the group in the community, it is difficult to ask them to leave. Doing so will often create animosity and lasting bad relations.

If you let members know upfront what is expected of them, it is much easier to ask those who are not abiding by the rules to leave. We suggest at the least that you adopt these rules:

  1. For any individuals in the community who come to the council as a result of council networking or promotion, council members will refer the need for services to members of the council and will not refer services to other competing providers in the area.
  2. Members will each devote an agreed-upon number of hours every month to networking and promotional efforts and if that is not possible, the member will provide equivalent cash for this purpose to either hire a marketer or reimburse other members for their efforts.
  3. Members agree to participate in educational workshops and to share with each other the requests for assistance that come from these workshops.
  4. Members agree to use the "Checklist and Request for Assistance Form" with their own clients or customers to generate opportunities for Life Resource Planning.

Training and Instructions through SSM (Successful Senior Marketing System)

The SSM system is a complete training, support and instructional program that teaches you how to use the 5 principles for running a successful elder planning council. Purchase of the system includes:

  • A free high-quality website for your council and your members
  • 4 hours of valuable video training to use the system
  • Complete instructions on community networking and collaborative marketing
  • Complete instructions on promoting your council in the community
  • Complete instructions on organizing and running your council
  • Brochures, booklets and Internet marketing
  • Outstanding community educational presentations with workbooks for over 30 different aging subjects
  • Complete instructions on how to design your educational encounters to ensure that attendees will request your assistance
  • Ongoing support from the National Care Planning Council