Local Planning Councils

5 Principles for Successfully Organizing a Local Council

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Council Concepts

Organizing a Council

The Successful Senior Marketing System Is Your Blueprint for Success

Steps in Starting Your Own Local Council

1. Study the Council Concepts Section and the 5 Principles Section Carefully

Make sure you have read all of the information and watch the videos in our council concepts and 5 principles sections. We want you to understand the purpose and value of forming a local council (all of the links are available in the panel to your left).

2. Join the National Care Planning Council (NCPC) as a member

You may also join your state's care planning council simultaneously. You must be a member of both the NCPC and your state's council in order to start your own local council.

3. Purchase the Successful Senior Marketing System

Purchase the instruction manual and marketing materials for starting a council which is found in our phenomenal Successful Senior Marketing System that you receive at a special price.

4. Call Us! (800) 989-8137

Contact us to let us know of your intent to form a local planning council and we will give you further instructions on how to do that. We can be reached toll free at (800) 989-8137.

5. Determine a Name for Your Group

Make sure that your name doesn't imply any commercial intent but conveys the intent of serving the community through a one-stop shopping service as well as providing educational encounters for aging seniors and their families.

6. Build Your Team

If you are not already part of a senior service network in your area, find a team partner who does have relationships with various senior service providers and advisers.

Don't make any promises or make any commitments to potential members upfront unless you are already working with a group that does agree to the premise of collaborating as a local council and serving the community as well as providing educational workshops.

If you don't have a pre-existing network, you can build your team slowly as you find the right people who are willing to partner with you towards the goal of serving the community and providing educational workshops.

Each member of your council must join the NCPC and the same state care planning council you are a part of. They do not need to buy the Successful Senior Marketing System. Remember to let them know about the Council Member Participation Rules.