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A reverse mortgage can be a highly effective tool in Retirement Planning used for hedging against an under performing portfolio, paying off an existing mortgage, reducing financial risk of a medical crisis, funding for medical treatment and/or LTC insurance, or a substitute for Life insurance. It also gives seniors additional cash to supplement retirement income, fulfill a retirement dream, travel, purchase a retirement home, or reduce taxable portion of an Estate through gift giving.

About Me:

Since 1991, I have helped almost 1800 clients achieve financial security and sustain self-sufficiency with a reverse mortgage. Everyone's needs are unique, but the desire to maximize opportunities in retirement and have a full life are universal.

My philosophy is simple.. Understand my clients' financial objectives, and then educate them about their options to help satisfy those needs so they can be financially successful. In fact, my values and time-tested philosophy are, more than ever, a competitive advantage as the industry evolves and consolidates. It's about educating and solving short-term and long-term concerns and planning for the future.

For two decades, I have built lifelong relationships with my clients and their families, elder law attorneys, certified financial planners, personal bankers, and senior advocacy groups throughout the state of Idaho. Within the industry, I am very active and participate almost daily on a national level.

I love my work and enjoy people, community gardening, travel, reading, dabbling in various art mediums, woodworking. I'm a Boise native and enjoy the Idaho lifestyle,especially when spending time with my family. I am passionate about life and share it with others.

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Jim Spicka, Local Expert, RM Specialist since 1991

Retirement Solutions

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The reverse mortgage changed our lifestyle because we could do more things. We could go places and not worry about the money so much... The net result was about $700 worth of extra disposable income, and I think all of us could use an extra $700 a month... The benefit to me is that I'm able to fulfill the commitment I made to my mother to keep her at home for the rest of her life... Selling my home seemed the only way out of my financial troubles. But it would have been like selling my memories. With a reverse mortgage, I no longer had to face that difficult choice.

- Reverse Fortunes Testimonial