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Robert Branscomb, FIC, Life Resource Planner

Robert BranscombThe missing link in retirement planning!

• Has a family member ever needed long-term care?
• Is there a family history of long-term illnesses?
• Does the long-term care policy need to cover the entire expense?
• What changes need to be made to your home for long-term care?
• How much of your care can be provided by family?
• Are you willing to enter an assisted living facility or nursing home?
• What assets do you want to pass along?
• Would you rather have your spouse or kids provide your care or supervise your care?

Call for a no obligation review of your plan. Your spouse or kids will thank you, and you will enjoy the piece of mind of having a plan.

Emergency Air Transportation / Medical Evacuation

"Your retirement plan is not complete without this service"

Here is what some of our clients have to say...

I'm so glad my wife took the time to meet with the folks from Senior Advanced Planning... We were able to save some of the funds we had set aside for the grand kids and not use them for my care...

M. Johnson from Longview WA

At the time we thought the cost of Long Tern Care was more than what we could afford... however Senior Advanced Planning was able to find us a company that offered a great discount for couples.

J. Thompson from Tacoma WA

I lost my husband a few years back and we didn't have Long Term Care... it wiped out all our savings and I now I live on a small pension and his Social Security check.. all those years of savings for our retirement were lost due to the out of pocket cost of his care... Senior Advanced Planning helped me get a insurance policy that I can afford and will cover my final expenses when the time comes.. that gives my kids a lot of peace of mind... Thank you so much Senior Advanced Planning.. your service is the best...

G. Milford from Yelm WA

We were on vacation in Hawaii and Mary had a heart attack..we needed to get her home after she was stable and the airlines informed us due to her medical needs they would not accept her as a passenger..thank goodness we signed up for MASA..they flew home at no cost..saving us over $65,000 that it would have cost..up front!!

B. Phillips from Olympia WA

Mom age 71 finally had to go into a nursing home. Problem was trying to get her approved for Medicaid. She had saved over $56,000.00, some to be used for her final expenses and the rest for her grandson (age 8). Senior Advanced Planning was able to help get her approved sooner with no waiting as well as saved her savings for her funeral and set aside some funds for her grandson. Very professional and enjoyed working with them.

Medicaid Planning - Funeral Trust and Estate Planning

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Give us a call for a no obligation private appointment to review what we can offer in support of your goals. We'll work with your Elder Care Attorney, Financial Advisor and yes... even your children as we move through the process of developing your plan. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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