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"Stop Getting Screwed by Your Greedy Financial Advisors!"

Joseph C. NewtzWhen was the last time you heard from your financial advisor? Remember. these guys are all making money off of you. The BIG question is: How much are YOU making? If you are not taking advantage of all of the smart money opportunities and favorable tax laws, you are leaving money on the table.

You should have someone that is totally focused on YOU and has no allegiance with any financial or legal firm... kind of like having your own Personal Chief Financial Officer!

This important ally will:

Just imagine how great it would feel to know that you had ONE person who really looked after your whole financial situation and made sure you are constantly moving in the right direction with your money.

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As a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Certified Life Coach, Joe is a bestselling author and a leader in the financial services industry who is on a personal mission to help millions of "Middle-class Americans" dramatically improve their financial well-being.

He was previously the featured columnist for, has recently published a bestselling book titled: MoneyRx: Your Prescription for Financial Success (available on and also posts a weekly blog at Joe is also a featured speaker for the Personal Finance Speakers Association (