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As homeowners, you may have heard of reverse mortgages from any number of sources.

Reverse mortgage loans, including the government-insured version called Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), are home loans that enable older homeowners to access a portion of their home equity without having to pay a monthly mortgage payment. A reverse mortgage can be a safe plan, giving older Americans greater financial security. Many use it to supplement fixed income, meet unexpected medical expenses, make home improvements, and more. However, the important question is, what are the features of this loan and are they right for you?

How can a reverse mortgage help you with retirement planning?

A few ways how a reverse mortgage loan can help:

How do I qualify for a reverse mortgage loan?

There are just a few eligibility requirements to qualify for a reverse mortgage.

I am here to help and to educate you on what to expect. I am very straight forward and I have your best interests at heart—and as a homeowner with a mortgage myself, I know a lot of what you, the borrower is going through during this process. Allow me to help you with the questions and the answers! Give me a call for more info and check out my website to apply 24/7 -M.

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About Mark

Born and raised in Redwood City, California, Mark has lived and worked all over the country and his personal pledge is: Doing the right thing, helping people, and creating balance for others and himself.

As a Florida resident now for over 24 years, he is invested in its communities and neighborhoods. Mark knows the importance – and it is very important to him – to help individuals with one of the largest financial decisions in their life - a home purchase, a home refinance, or a reverse mortgage.

Mark Ary is a Senior Loan Consultant/Originator and Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist; he considers himself a multi-generational lender, who works with everyone from first-time home buyers - to help them get in a home - through to the older homeowners - to help them stay in their home - and everyone in-between.

Mark has secured many different educational degrees (including a master's degree in Finance) certifications, memberships, and professional affiliations to be a leading expert in his field.

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Client Testimonial

During the years of my professional and personal life I learned to appreciate helpful people, people who stepped in with their knowledge, with their support, with their guidance and their care, helping to achieve a mutual goal. One of these---and I almost want to say, "Miracle Workers", is Mark E. Ary of Edison Mortgage Inc. in Cape Coral, Florida. Mark literally saved two of my transactions that were falling apart because of lender issues. He stepped in, and in both cases, fixed the situations and the closings both happened on the original closing dates. Since then I have worked with Mark on many other loans and he is one of the top lenders I have ever had the pleasure to work with? Plainly put, Mark takes care of business and the client.

- Brian Hall Realtor Century 21 Sunbelt Realty #1