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Sharon Gauthier RN/MSN/CGM

Sharon Gauthier, RN / MSN-iRNPAIt's difficult to navigate the healthcare system. We trust that everything will be done that should be done. You need someone to be there to assure that your information is correct and that everyone is talking. Now you can hire someone who knows the system and will coordinate your care with you in mind. It's all about you and we make sure it stays that way. Our specialty are those elderly clients who have family out of state or working full time.

Patient Advocate for You was created so you have the expertise you can trust to advocate, coordinate and collaborate and we work at becoming part of the healthcare team:

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Sharon Gauthier RN/MSN/CGM
Patient Advocate for You, LLC

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About Us

Registered Nurse, Masters Degree in Public Health and Community Nursing. Seasoned clinician adjunct professor expert navigator of our healthcare system.

Right from the start, Sharon's focus was on Dad. She made sure that at every step, he understood what was happening and that his wishes and needs would be at the forefront of everything she did for him. She immediately saw that he was in pain and, after reviewing his charts and consulting with his physicians, she quickly had his medications changed. She made certain that Dad understood that he could speak up for himself with the nursing staff and that they were there to ensure that he was comfortable. With his pain under control, we saw that Dad became less anxious, more relaxed and more himself. It was a miracle.

- Client Testimonial