AST Legal Nurse Consulting Service

Annabel Hall, RN, BSCA, CLNC, CEO

AST Legal Nurse Consulting Service is a partnership of active Licensed Registered Nurses who are dedicated to providing only the highest quality of care to all the Clients they serve; with extensive experience in inpatient and outpatient settings, including Emergency Room, Triage, Advise, PICC lines insertions & care, Plasmapheresis, Chemotherapy, Intravenous medication & Blood products Infusion therapy, and Medical Surgical care.

AST Legal Nurse Consultants have been able to implement a program that will likely become a norm in the future. The biggest payoff for us right now is being part of the solution to many Attorneys, Insurance Agencies, Healthcare Facilities, consultants who are seeking subcontractors with experience in a specific nursing specialty, and Private Corporations (e.g., developing corporate strategies for quality assurance, and risk identification management, evaluation and control).

Being an AST Legal Nurse Consultant; allow us to consult on Cases involving anything with medical records, Cases involving professional negligence of a healthcare provider, healthcare facility or learning institution and Cases where Health, Illness or Injury is an issue .

To name a few:

While the attorneys are the expert on legal issues, AST Legal Nurse Consultants are the expert on nursing, the healthcare system and its inner workings who uses existing expertise as a healthcare professional with a specialized training to consult with attorney-clients on medical-related cases by:

Support the Attorney's Case by:

AST Legal Nurse Consulting Service Clients also take advantage and refer families and friends to AST Nurse Connection for variety of reasons:

It is AST Nurse Connection's goal to improve the physical, emotional and wellness of our clients by providing health information and making healthy decision.

With a number of services and experiences in hospital (Inpatient and Outpatient settings) AST Nurse Connection tailors education and resources, specifically for the need of every Client!

Providing high quality care, safety by educating Clients at affordable cost.

AST Nurse Connection provide Clients access to Registered Nurse who serves as a Health Coach to you, your families and friends; one on one, telephone, e-mail, text, face time, and AST e-news.

Every Client will have a Registered Nurse encounter for the following:

Why Choose AST Legal Nurse Consulting Service?

Member in Professional Organizations:

To learn more about AST Nurse Connection, contact us today! ... Make the Right Choice for You, Your Families & Friends ... With AST Nurse Connection, Performance Matters! One Case, One Client...

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Proudly serving Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

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Annabel Hall, RN, BSCA, CLNC, CEO
AST Legal Nurse Consulting Service

Toll Free: (800) 301-6198

One World Trade Center
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Quality and Safety

AST Legal Nurse Consulting Service is committed to providing safe quality care to all our Clients. Assessment with every Client one at a time evaluates and improves the way AST deliver care.

Surveys allow us to identify ways to become even better at meeting client's expectations. Client's thoughts and experiences are critical in helping us make the changes necessary to provide care experience you have come to expect.

If you receive a survey, we encourage you to take the time to share your opinions with us. You are also welcome to call the Executive Director of Health & Wellness, Floyd Patterson at any time with your concerns, comments or suggestions at (800) 301-6198 or via e-mail @