Talking Alternatives


It's the means by which we solve problems, resolve conflicts, and effectively express ideas and knowledge.

How often is it, however, that we listen, but don't hear what is being said? People talk past or over one another, miss opportunities to get their point across, don’t hear opposing viewpoints and miss identifying common ground.

Talking Alternatives is a family mediation firm. We help families resolve conflict through non-judgmental, non-directional facilitated conversations. TA mediators provide families with a safe space to discuss issues and resolve differences so disputes can be settled, decisions can be made, and relationships can be preserved or restored.

We use words to make sense out of chaos.

Using conflict resolution techniques we provide the following services to organizations, small businesses, families and individuals.

  • Mediation
  • Staff and board training to improve communication skills and handle staff/group dynamics
  • Coaching for those in stressful situations
  • Meeting facilitation to keep the conversation productive and possible tension under control.

We specialize in Elder and Adult Family mediation, helping seniors and their adult children reach agreement on transitional decisions such as alternative living arrangements, caregiving plans for parents, and inheritance and estate issues.

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Service Area

Proudly serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida.

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Gail Goodman
Talking Alternatives

(914) 588-2229

48 Corrao Way, Stanfordville, NY 12581


About Gail Goodman

Gail GoodmanGail Goodman has over 30 years of management experience in government, nonprofit agencies and foundations. She began her career in the counseling field and worked in social services. She received her Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from New York University and was trained at CLUSTER, a New York State Unified Court System accredited mediation center. Gail received her specialized training in Elder and Adult Family Mediation from Elder Decisions. She has been mediating with parents and teens for Family Services of Westchester, has mediated in courts in New York County and Westchester counties and provides conflict coaching. Gail co-manages the Town of Greenburgh Community Mediation Program.