Family Connect Care

Family Connect Care, where our mission is to assure that our clients receive the very best medical, personal, and emotional care from their care providers. We work with the "Chronologically Gifted" and their families to enhance quality of life, encourage independence, and assure a safe and supportive living environment.

Our primary job, our accountability to our clients, our commitment to their loved ones, and our passion has always been care management. Honestly, it's a job we wish we didn't have to do. Medical and health care providers should always look after the best interest of all patients/clients under their care, and they almost always have the best intentions and capabilities. The reality, however, is the health care system in general is overwhelmed by an aging population that's living longer and longer. Dementia and other issues make caring for those patients that much more challenging. Care assurance is your best hope to ensure your loved ones receive the care and services you expect and they deserve.

Family Connect Care begins by assessing the client's needs, consulting with family members and other caregivers, and formulates a Care Plan that specifies details for ongoing care management to assure the health and emotional well-being of our clients. The Care Plan describes frequency and duration of home or care facility visits, consultation with health care professionals, and frequency of written and verbal reports to the designated family members. Ongoing care management includes researching options for care, arranging for services, monitoring of services, telephone and email contact with the responsible party, the family, health care professionals, and service providers.

Family Connect Care then carries out the Care Plan with frequent communication with the client's family. Unlike many other care management practitioners, Family Connect Care maintains close contact with all caregivers placed with patients, including daily updates of basic health status, which may include blood pressure, blood sugar levels, medications administered, and more. We also visit patients as agreed-to in the care plan, typically at least once a week, at randomized and unannounced times and days to assure the best possible and most responsible care.

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Service Area

Proudly serving Los Angeles County, California.

Contact Us

Lauren Spiglanin, Care Manager
Family Connect Care

Phone: (310) 383-1877

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


About Us

Through Family Connect Care, LLC, Lauren provides a full range of services to her clients, the families of the "chronologically gifted" and those afflicted with memory issues such as Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. What distinguishes Lauren is her dedication to her clients. She is 24x7, interacting with caregivers around the clock to assure her clients are receiving exceptional care and identify unresolved issues by frequently visiting care locations, including the home, board-and-care facilities, senior communities, and assisted living facilities to ensure care plans are being followed. As their advocate, Lauren also helps families negotiate the emotional and financial roller coaster of dementia and long-term care needs. Lauren is certified in Validation by the Validation Training Institute, in gerontology by the California Board of Registered Nursing, and by the State of California in Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE) Administration.

Client Testimonials

Lauren has been a godsend since she was referred to me and became part of the care team tending to my parents. The moment Lauren came on board she not only jumped right in to assist with most of the necessities and requirements of caring for my folks, but she brings an invaluable understanding of how to maximize care and services in the intersection where family, the medical field and elder care (senior living, assisted living, in-home care, etc.) meet to facilitate the most comfortable, compassionate setting. Lauren does this as a full-time job because caring for elder loved ones is a full-time job, and for someone like myself with a family of his own, a job and no siblings to share the weight, Lauren is an absolute blessing.

Dana S.

Lauren is a beautifully caring and compassionate woman. She often goes above and beyond the call of duty to help a client (elderly person) in need. I would want her on my team if I were no longer able to function well on my own! She is also a woman of vision, possessing forward and inclusive thinking, and wonderful organizational skills. I have been impressed and inspired by Lauren on multiple occasions. She knows how to positively impact the lives of individuals dealing with loved ones with dementia.

Nancy S., Nurse Practitioner

Lauren is a consummate professional. She is honest, straightforward and possesses the highest level of integrity. While always remaining professional Lauren has a huge heart and knows the right words to get you and your family members through some of the toughest times in your lives. I trust her completely and thank her for her warm heart, expertise and knowledge. She will not only be a source for you to turn to for her priceless knowledge, but also for her kindness. She truly makes a difference.

L. Silver

When my husband suffered a severe ischemic stroke in November, Lauren reached out letting me know that she was available for "anything I needed" in regards to navigating the ins and outs of the health care system. Lauren's calm, assured demeanor was extremely assuring during a time of extreme stress, confusion and uncertainty. Her knowledge of what to do in a variety of situations helped me stay focused on the most important task: Being completely focused on my husband's recovery. I was very impressed with Lauren's knowledge of a wide variety of health care issues, and, if there was something she wasn't well versed in, she made sure to research and find answers in a timely manner. Lauren didn't wait for me to ask questions, she anticipated my needs and addressed them pro-actively. Her commitment to serving us as well as her sincere caring went above and beyond. I would highly recommend anyone needing information, advocacy or support during any health care management situation to contact Lauren Spiglanin.

Royce M., Redondo Beach