Rescue Our Children Organization

Pre-Planning has been in existence for over 40 years, yet most individuals are not aware of the blessings and benefits it brings to you and your love ones.

Rescue Our Children Organization is at the forefront of raising PRE-PLANNING AWARENESS and helping people embrace the idea of being prepared with their everlasting gift of love. Being informed allows you to take control of the emotional and financial decisions that need to be made and out of the hands of loved ones on one of their worst days of their life.

Join us at our fun, lighthearted Afternoon High Tea Pre-Planning Awareness Gatherings. Learn how you can eliminate emotional distress and potential financial hardship, and instead, give your loved ones the "Ultimate Gift of Love."

Have you been thinking about Pre-Planning? Take advantage of being able to LOCK-IN your funeral service costs at current prices for future use. Selecting a payment plan for your budget, ensures your loved ones are free from the financial responsibility from having to pay your funeral with INFLATION pricing. Information is FREE and essential for all. Including the young and healthy because no-one is immortal and no one is promised is tomorrow.

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Service Area

Chicago Metro, Cook County, and the surrounding areas of Illinois.

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Rescue Our Children Organization

Susana Padilla
Rescue Our Children Organization

(630) 741-5330

4 N. Bartlett Road
Streamwood, IL 60107


About Susana Padilla

After 24 years of marriage, I have experienced a great loss my self. Loosing my husband at a young age leaving me with our beautiful children. My 5 year-old daughter and my 13 year old son at the time their fathers, passing away 2 years ago. My marriage was a blessing and I am grateful for all the experiences, good and bad. My belated husband was my best friend, confidant, business partner and now knowing my loving life-partner. We endured all experiences but the one thing that I was not ready for was the preparations of all the emotional decisions a love one that is left behind to handle at the worst time of my life.

Client Testimonial

Pre-Planning is a blessing and I wished we would have known about it when we married in 1996. I know in my heart he would have not wanted me to go through this alone, not to mentioned he loved saving money WHO DOESN'T? We could have locked in our funeral service prices at $3500.00! It does cost you for not knowing. Knowing what I now Advance Planning is essential to all families and love ones. It is everyones responsibility to be aware of the benefits and blessings what it eliminates at our worst day of our lives when we lose someone dearly.

- Client Testimonial