Kallykare Personal Home Agency

I believe that as an agency, we have to put the needs of our clients and their families before our own. What sets me apart from my competitors is the relationships I build with my clients to make them comfortable working with me. I did my work with love, not for the amount of money I was getting paid. I took my time to find out what they needed the most and what the agencies were not providing them. After studying clients' needs as a caregiver, I was inspired to launch my own care agency.

One thing that I've noticed in many agencies is that the owners don't usually get to know their clients well, and as an agency owner, I believe good business starts with understanding your customers, their needs, and how those needs are to be met. Knowing and being willing to satisfy the needs of your clients should be the basic foundation of any business. So, I have set myself apart from other agencies as best as I could by working closely with clients for two weeks and getting to know them better before I assign a caregiver to them. I spend my time trying to understand what the client wants, needs, and how they want their service to be done. After two weeks of close communication with my clients, I'll assign them to the caregiver who can care for them best.

This is where agencies lack consideration for changing caregivers for clients without giving the clients a notice of replacement. I have heard those complaints from past clients from other agencies, and this is where I got motivated to do better than them because I have learned the pros and cons of what others are not paying attention to and how this has been breaking trust in their clients lives, also impacting us agency owners. This is the reason many families prefer to hire private caregivers instead of hiring agencies to work with them. We do customize services to match clients' needs.

When I got my first client, he was easy by showing me the cons of what happened to the agency they had before for his father, and he didn't want that same mistake to happen to his wife. The promise I made to my clients will be kept and is known to my staff members. While I believe a company can't stand without clients and employees, I always treat them with respect and consideration. I promised my current clients those issues wouldn't happen with Kallykare. We are in the market to work closely with our clients and leverage the stress in their families, and I had to explain clearly to my clients that in case their preferred caregiver doesn't show up.

I will email and call them to report the absence of their preferred caregiver, and then I guarantee them they will have a replacement caregiver as soon as possible. but before then, I will either go work with them or one of the staff members will go while another caregiver comes. But always be clear in communicating with clients to avoid incomprehension between clients and agencies. With Kallykare, it's about trust, safety, and communication. We stick to our principles and honor our promises. Services included but were not limited to: Dementia care, Personal care, Transportation, Discharge care, Companionship, Light housekeeping, Meal preparation, respite care, and more. Click the link below to find out more about the services we provide at kallykare.com/home-care-services.

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Service Areas

We provide care in Louisville, Jefferson County, Jeffersontown, Oldham county, Crestwood, Sympsonville, Shelbyville, and Shepherdville, Kentucky.

We also provide care in Jeffersonville, Clarksville, and Charlestown, Indiana.

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Jemima Bikayi

(502) 427-7503

101 N 7th St Ste 787
Louisville, KY 40202

Web: kallykare.com

We do not accept insurance. Private pay only.