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Book: How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors
New Book - 2024 Edition | Author, Thomas Day

How to Apply for Dept. of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans & Their Survivors

How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Veterans and Their Survivors

$89.00 | 2024 Edition | 488 pages & Flash Drive | Table of Contents


This new 2024 edition of our "How to Apply Book" is an important revision. It represents our practical experience with major rule changes from 2018-23 and provides current information on VA Law as well as step by step instructions to help you submit "Fully Developed Claims". Since we first began printing this helpful handbook in 2014, we have made yearly revisions to ensure veterans of any age, their spouses and survivors, and those who assist them have the best information and guidance available.

Major changes to Veterans Benefits that occurred in 2018-23, including:

  • No-cost VA health care and nursing home services for all WWII Veterans,
  • Special attention to the new PACT ACT of 2022,
  • Important new information about Agent Orange and Nehmer claims,
  • New presumptive diseases and service locations and service dates for Agent Orange exposure,
  • New regulations pertaining to VA Pension and Survivor Pension (aid and attendance) - 36 month look-back, penalties for transferring assets, bright-line net-worth limit, and more...
  • Important new rules pertaining to unfavorable decisions and appeals and how those are handled
  • Several new forms and important revisions of existing forms
  • Rules pertaining to when fees can be legally be charged

Book Reviews

"Materials are clear and extremely informative. An invaluable resources for attorneys hoping to assist America's Veterans. "
- Linda, New Jersey

"This is the most comprehensive organized, and practical material I have experienced regarding VA benefits. "
- Candace, Ohio

" The book and form materials will be very helpful in my practice."
- Bambee, North Carolina

"Very informative - especially touching on the broad range of VA services and putting A&A in its proper perspective. Other programs have emphasized A&A and glossed over SC claims."
- Timothy, Ohio

This NEW "How to Apply" book includes:

  • A chapter for filing successful Fully Developed Claims under VA’s current claim system,
  • Checklists for Submitting Fully Developed Claims,
  • 2024 Rates for Pension, Compensation, DIC, SMC, and more...,
  • Case Studies involving the new rules for VA Pension and Survivor Pension,
  • Information on Aid and Attendance and Housebound Allowances,
  • How assets can be reduced to meet VA's bright line net worth limit when filing for VA Pension,
  • Newest filing procedures for Special Monthly Pension and Survivors Pension (Aid & Attendance or Housebound Allowances),
  • Newest filing procedures for Compensation (service-connected disabilities incurred or aggravated during active military service) including Presumed Service-Connected, POW, Chronic Conditions, Ionizing Radiation, Agent Orange (3 new presumptive conditions), Disability Caused by Illness, Combat or Other Injury, Existing Conditions, Exposure to Hazards, Chemicals and Harmful Environmental Conditions, PTSD – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Noise Induced Hearing Loss with Tinnitus, PTIU – Permanent and Total Disability Due to Individual Unemployability, Gulf War Disorders, Reevaluation or Change for an Existing Benefit, Section 1151 Claim, Tropical Diseases, and more...,
  • Newest filing procedures for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC), a death benefit for survivors of veterans who died on active duty or as a result of service-connected disability or as a result of improper treatment from VA healthcare or rehabilitation services,
  • Newest procedures on how to obtain additional long term care allowances for Compensation, Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), and DIC,
  • Updates on entitlement for Veterans Health Care,
  • Enrolling in the New Caregiver Support Program, Caregivers, including spouses, can be paid up to $2600 a month or more to provide care services,
  • Application instructions for Burial Benefits, Accrued Benefits, and CHAMP VA, and
  • Information regarding Vocational Rehabilitation, Homeless Veteran Support.

This book also provides information on:

  • New rules and procedures for reviews and appeals for adverse decisions,
  • Why there are more unfavorable decisions for compensation claims and how to get around the problem with unfavorable decisions,
  • Handling incompetency proposals and appointing fiduciaries,
  • Obtaining survivor income benefits when the deceased veteran was not on claim,
  • Advantages for obtaining private nexus opinions for Compensation Claims,
  • State Veterans Nursing Homes,
  • Home Improvement Grants and Housing Adaptation Grants,
  • Applying for and receiving receiving the Automobile Adaptation Allowance,
  • Handling Denial Letters, Submitting New and Relevant Evidence, and making an appeal, and
  • Loan Guaranty, Education Benefits, and more...

Claim Support Flash Drive (included)

Flash Drive - Claim Forms (Pension, Compensation, Health Care, Burial, and more...), Decision Review Forms,
Checklists (instructions for each type of claim), Intake Center Mailing/Faxing Information, 2024 Benefit Rates,
Case Studies, Medical Examination Worksheets, Medical Questionnaires, Reference material to include Title 38 CFR Part 3, Title 38 CFR Part 4, Adjudication Manual M21-1, VA budget proposals and reports and other useful tables, studies and addenda, and the Rules Changes for Pension (Federal Register Publication for Net Worth, Asset Transfers, and Income Exclusions for Needs-Based Benefits).

Message from the Author, Thomas Day

Thomas Day"There are scores of books available on veterans benefits. We have perused a number of them through purchase and many others through published tables of content and published excerpts and we believe that none of them contain the level of instructions on the complicated claim processes that we provide in this publication. Many of these other books describe how to qualify for the benefits and what the benefits are and then obliquely reference a few forms that can be obtained online. Others do go into more detail on what encompasses a successful claim but they do not provide step-by-step instructions. It is our opinion that none of these books would adequately assist you in filing a successful claim. We believe our book is totally unique in providing you the nuts and bolts, step-by-step instructions and strategies to file successful claims for the four disability income benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs."