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NCPC ListingMembership (starting at $8/mth) includes an advertising listing on our popular NCPC web site -- "Long Term Care Link." A listing (which can include the member's name, company name, office address, service area, and links to more info) works like a yellow page ad and is placed in a specific state under one or more of 31 different categories (what are the categories?). The listings link to the member's personalized sales (web) page.

We work hard through various search engine and marketing strategies to direct our site's visitors (we average over 41,000 unique visitors per month) to our members' listings and sales pages.

Additional listings can be added for $1.00 per category or state.


Sales (Web) Page (view sample)

Sales Page ExampleMembership also includes a personalized sales web page. Members can provide a sales message, a list of services, client testimonials, contact information, bios, website link(s), pictures, logos, and/or an embeddable video like youtube (we will not host video files on our servers) for the sales page. Each sales page includes a form a visitor can fill out and email.

We also track visits to each of our member's sales pages. These stats (see an example) can be found in the member area.

Some members have begun using this sales page as a their own web site by buying a domain (i.e. myelderservices.com) and forwarding it to to their sales page. Web sites, as you know, are costly to setup, host, and maintain. Buying a domain (which is rarely more than $10/year) and forwarding it here is an inexpensive way to have a web site.



There are no contracts involved for those who wish to join the NCPC. Members may quit at any time as there is no mandatory enrollment period.

The NCPC has created a member section to offer our members excellent ways to magnify their listing, attract new clients, and promote their services in the communities they serve. Members, in the member section, may:

Check NCPC Sales Page Statistics (see example)

Change / Update NCPC Sales Page or Listings with New Content Secure

Add / Update Logos, Videos, or Photos

Update Billing Information Secure

List Services in other NCPC Categories

Get a listing and sales page on a State Care Planning Council

Download Free Brochures and Booklet

Purchase NCPC Books or the Veterans Consultants Package at a discount

Download NCPC Logos

Utilize NCPC Articles

and more...


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Starting at $8.00 a month (including a one time $45.00 set up fee). There are no contracts / enrollment periods.

Our Statement of Purpose:

We Promote and Support Planning for Long Term Care

(1) To promote a public awareness of the need for long term care planning

(2) To provide materials to educate the public on how to plan for long term care

(3) To provide support to member eldercare experts who help the public plan for long term care

(4) To promote the services and expertise of our members

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