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NCPC Marketing Materials (free w/ membership)

BrochuresTo help promote the services of our members, we have created the following customizable marketing material as an economical and efficient way to advertise. Click on either link below to learn more about the brochures and booklet.

These materials provide various descriptions of services provided by elder care professionals and have been created as educational resources (non commercialized). They are acceptable to place in senior centers, libraries, public service offices, and some professional offices. Each piece is designed to motivate your potential clients to contact you for help (the back panels are left blank for you to add your contact information).

Make your NCPC Sales (web) Page your Web Site

Sales PageAs you know, membership includes your own sales (web) page. You may place anything on this page you want including pictures, video clips, a sales message, testimonials, contact information and links. Some members have begun using this sales page as a their own web site by buying a domain (i.e. myelderservices.com) and forwarding it to to their sales page. Web sites, as you know, are costly to setup and maintain. Buying a domain (which is rarely more than $10/year) and forwarding it here is an inexpensive way to have a web site. If you need help setting this up, feel free to contact us.

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Starting at $8.00 a month (including a one time $45.00 set up fee). There are no contracts / enrollment periods.

Our Statement of Purpose:

We Promote and Support Planning for Long Term Care

(1) To promote a public awareness of the need for long term care planning

(2) To provide materials to educate the public on how to plan for long term care

(3) To provide support to member eldercare experts who help the public plan for long term care

(4) To promote the services and expertise of our members

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